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  • Airstream Curtains

    This is a separate post dedicated to the AIRSTREAM CURTAINS. Disclaimer: I’ve never made pinch-pleat curtains or anything resembling other than cafe curtains in my life. Sure, I’ve sewn lots of things but curtains and upholstery and home decorating are not where my talents lie. I read on Airstream forums that people were paying $2000-$3000 […]

  • Airstream: Getting There

    Airstream Reno Update 3 October 2018 I put the curvy twin mattresses on the porch for a couple of sunny, hot days. They were in really good shape and I thought I’d keep them. I set up the twin beds in the trailer and took a photo. It’s all staged. Underneath that cuteness, no sheets […]

  • Airstream – Painting is Done!

    The painting is done. Well, mostly. It’s a huge job. Taking out all of those cupboard doors and bits. I would advise you label EVERYTHING so you know where to put it when you have finished painting. We bought new hinges and handles for the cupboards at Lowe’s and they look really good. You need […]

  • Cupboards, Taping and Painting

    You will read on a lot of Airstream forums that diehards tell you to “Keep everything original in your Airstream”. Me, I’m not that big into original oak cupboards. I didn’t like them in the eighties and I don’t like them now. We are painting everything white. Don’t judge me. So first all of those […]

  • Some Notes on the Airstream Project

    A trailer is like a miniature of a house – all the same systems but concentrated in a 29 foot by 8 foot “small” house. Kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, closets, doors, windows, roof, floor, appliances, sinks, toilet and shower. Harder than it first seems. First, reality check. Remember I said the trailer had no leaks? […]

  • Airstream Trailer: The Floor

    The first thing we had to do was handle the leaks. We had the roof seams sealed with caulking and had new roof vents put on. The air conditioning unit which was on the roof of the trailer had to be checked and sealed. Then the wheel axles were checked and the bearings were greased. […]

  • Airstream Reno Blog

    We picked up this gem in Ithaca, NY and brought it home to our campground in Niagara Falls, Canada. Once it is warmer, we plan to fix it up and use it for camping and as an AirBNB at the campground here. It is a 1989 29-foot Airstream Excella. Here are some of the BEFORE […]