Airstream – Painting is Done!

Airstream Painting is Done!!

The painting is done.

Well, mostly. It’s a huge job. Taking out all of those cupboard doors and bits. I would advise you label EVERYTHING so you know where to put it when you have finished painting. We bought new hinges and handles for the cupboards at Lowe’s and they look really good. You need to buy the little bumper pads for the cupboards and affix them.

If you are concerned about the trailer being “original”, save everything in a box that you remove and if/when you sell it, offer the original fixings with the trailer.

We left a few items unpainted. One, because my husband wanted a few things original looking and because I didn’t think the table tops would take and endure paint well. I’m still agonizing about the cover plates for the electrical being that sickly yellow but I may either spray paint them or live with them as they are for a while. I have had a lot of people say how they wished they’d painted everything white and how much better it looks.

We took off every window screen, cleaned it and painted the outside frame. We took off all of the fuzzy things/keep-the-bugs-out slot things that the window latch opens through and replaced them.

If you are looking for ANYTHING for an Airstream, contact Airstream first, they are super helpful. I have been corresponding with Casey at but you can just go to the contact page and ask questions. They like you to send photos so they know what you are talking about. Often, they will refer you to an after-market company like Inland RV, who – by the way – have lots of items that work on your Airstream.

Still to do: Clean everything, get the couch in there with all the pieces beside it, blinds up, curtains finished (there’s about 25 hours to go, I think), mattresses in, fix the mirror in the bathroom (it needs a latch or a magnet so it doesn’t swing around). I’m sure I’ve forgotten about 50 things to do.

And then there’s the whole OUTSIDE of the trailer!

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