Airstream: Getting There

Airstream Reno Update 3 October 2018

I put the curvy twin mattresses on the porch for a couple of sunny, hot days. They were in really good shape and I thought I’d keep them. I set up the twin beds in the trailer and took a photo. It’s all staged. Underneath that cuteness, no sheets or mattress covers. In case you wanted to know, that duvet cover/pillowcase combo is from Ikea – $9.99! The comforter was $16. The pillows are Tempurpedic – super comfortable. The teddy bears? I bought them from eBay.

I’m still sewing those curtain panels. I’ve had about 30 other projects to sew in between those panels. Eventually. Eventually.

I’m going to make sheers on two cafe curtain rods for the bathroom. $8 for two rods at Walmart. I have the sheer fabric already so it’s a cheap fix.

Over to the living room. When I first looked at the Airstream, I was going to toss that couch and make an L-shaped built-in. But then I took a look at this sofa. The back, lean-against part flips over and makes the whole bed into this double bed:  Amazingness. The whole couch was sturdy as heck and I thought, well, I’ll just do a slipcover. I had someone do this. In hindsight, I might have attempted this myself. I picked a linen-look fabric and had the side bits reupholstered in it and the panel in front. She gave me the leftover fabric and I did some of the upholstered accent sections around the trailer that are triangular shaped. I took fabric over the old and stapled gunned it. Looks amazing. I found the patterned pillow fabric at Fabricland here in Canada. Bohemian-like and it was really inexpensive.

I need a TV in there but I haven’t figured out how to put it in the mirror area and have it swing out or down.

I’ve done a lot of vacuuming and I will probably do some more. Everything is still settling and I keep finding dirt. I put those dollar-store-no-skid-look-like-a-placemat thingies in the cupboards. They were actually already there when we bought the trailer so I put all of them in the washing machine on the Hand Wash cycle and re-used them. This Excella has a LOT of storage space compared to other trailers I’ve been in. I’ve noticed there aren’t very many electrical outlets.

The dodgiest part now is the shower stall. It is yellow and cruddy looking and looks like a shower scene from Psycho. The outside is still unpolished. We did re-seal the air conditioning unit and put in a new bathroom vent (the old one self-mutilated).  The fellow at Monster Polish told us to polish and then re-caulk. I’m not sure when that is going to happen.

Below you can see a before and after of the bedroom and a before of the living room with a couple of ‘after’ photos:

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